5 Things You Should Do To Prep For A Paint Job

After weeks of uncertainty, you have finally decided to give one or more of the rooms in your home a total makeover. Be it because you are tired of the same old colours, or you’ve had a burst of inspiration from that last article you browsed through.

Here are a few things to take note of before actually starting your paint job.

1. Purchasing the right type of paint

Paint is not universal, there are various different kinds of paint suited for a variety of different paint jobs. Different paints cater to different environments and surfaces such as interior, exterior, wood, and metal. Your job here is to get the right kind of paint for the interior of your home. There are so many interior options that it can be tough to narrow it down to just one.

At Meridian Paints, our line of interior paint is of high quality and suitable for different areas in your home.

2. Protecting your furniture

As usual painting is going to be a messy job, and your first concern would be to protect your furniture.

There are two ways around this situation – evacuation and protection. Let’s say you are only repainting your living room, you can move your furniture into any one of your spare rooms available so that they are out of your way during the paint job or you could move all your furniture to the center of the room, then cover it with plastic so that any stray drops of paint will not land directly on them.

3. Protecting your floor

The paint is sure to drip while you are painting and where will it land? You guessed it, your beautiful floor.

To make sure your flooring isn’t exposed to any droplets of paint, use a paint drop cloth. Sure, newspapers and plastic sheets will work as well but they are not durable enough and will shift under your feet.

4. Taping

Be keen not to get paint on your fixtures, you should get them covered up as well. Fixtures would refer to your immovable objects such as windowsills, ceiling fans, as well as your wall sockets and light switches. Covering up these fixtures with tape is a simple task and you’ll appreciate the effort when everything’s done.

5.  What about yourself

Now that you are done protecting everything in the room, don’t forget about yourself!

Dive deep into your closet and find that old t-shirt you haven’t worn for years. If you can’t find an old hat, you can design yourself a fancy newspaper hat to match that old t-shirt you’re wearing. These will prevent the paint from landing on your body and hair.

You are ready to start painting once you’ve gotten these five tips covered! Don’t forget paint contains chemicals which can be harmful to the kids and pets. So, it’s better to keep them away during that time.

Don't know what interior paint to use?

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