These Bedroom Colours Create a More Relaxed Study Environment

Do you feel happy and peaceful when you walk into your bedroom, or when you’re about to prep for a study session, if you’re feeling otherwise it may not be your willingness to open those books and get off to a good study session. Your surroundings and colours contribute to quality of sleep, stress levels and moods.

If you’re a student these colours presented in the following photos may help you feel more positive and increase your willingness to tackle those study books, after all not everyone has the attention span of a cat, some of us are gold fish when it comes down to putting in the hard work. Cluttered rooms may also be a factor, it may be time to clean out and paint those walls – now for the photos below:

Our complimentary pick for today is the colour Turquoise Green, with the wall, bedding, mat and lamp shades of Gray all the way to Blue.

The meaning of the colour Turquoise is open communication and clarity of thought, which may help you broaden your attention span and have a enhanced study session.

Gray with Turquoise Green

Grayish Blue with Turquoise Green

Baby Blue with Turquoise Green

and finally Deep Blue with Turquoise Green

Turquoise Green won’t necessarily look good on bedroom walls, but it’s a must for complimentary decor such as curtains, pillows or even your chair.

We have over 1900 colours to choose from

If these colours don’t suit your taste, or if you have decor and furnishing you might not want to change, we can help you choose the right colour to match your decor, contact us for the best advice.

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