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Townhouse Complex Painted with Meridian Paint

For Exterior Paint choose between flat/matte, glossy and satin finishes. Flat/matte finish: A flat finish hides imperfections better than a glossier finish but doesn't clean as well. Flat finishes are generally used for siding. For a glossy finish: Glossy paint...

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5 Things to do When Painting Your Walls

1.Look for any damage on the wall. Repair it with poly-filler, sand it smooth, and remove any dust. 2.Remove electrical plate covers, it’s so much easier and neater than trying to cut around them. 3.Stir your paint well, all the good stuff settles on the bottom! 4.Use...

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Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Turquoise bedroom ideas for girls - Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye, as if carved from an azure heaven...

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50 Shades Of Grey

50 Shades Of Grey - No not really... but how beautiful are these grey themed bedrooms xxxx love, love, love.... just simply gorgeous!!! Beautifully styled, by their owners, you don't need a million bucks to make your bedroom look like these. Just give Meridian...

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Stylish Painted Kitchens

Inspiración: cocinas pintadas con mucho estilo - What you don't speak Spanish? Ok we will translate its for you!!! Inspiration: stylish painted kitchens - sounds much sexier in Spanish.... Get inspired - refresh your kitchen and add thousands to the value of your...

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Pink The New Blue

Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume & Pink? Colour's that soften the mood and works best with white and blue's - No shock appeal just don't look up!

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Beach House Blues

Adding pops of color into your existing decor can be rewarding ,simply because you don’t have to go color crazy to enjoy the decorative elements in your home, but rather using these visual tips and inspirations, you can safely add color and love it. You can use these...

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Gradient Ombre Walls

Let your walls do the talking... This technique is simpler than you might think - a few litres of paint, a couple brushes, and quick hand is all you need!

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Two Toned Walls

Two-toned walls are very effective and provide a real focal point, especially when combined with striking artworks or matching decor.

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