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Great Colour Combinations and Tones

Look at these great colour combinations & tones - For expert advice call Meridian Paints - We manufacture our own range of top quality paints - so we can offer you the best possible price and advice!!! Bring in your colour swatch and we will mix it on site while you...

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Painting a building?

We supply Architects, Property Developers & Body Corporate with the Highest Quality, Eco Friendly & Lead Free Paint!!! Suitable for all Residential & Commercial purposes @ Factory Prices!!! Talk to Meridian Paints 1st and Save R1000.00's

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Painting Your Front Door

  The front door is thought to be the mouth of the home, the entry point where energy, abundance and opportunities awaits us. All you need in order to have a freshly painted front door is high quality paint, a few hours and a sunny day, but how do you properly prep...

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12 Ideas For Black Wall Interior Styling

Black walls: it seems like people either love them or hate them. A black walled interior is certainly a bold design choice and not for everyone. Black walls command attention in the most dramatic of ways. They absorb a lot of natural light, so be sure to include...

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Colours by Nature Issue 2

  Imagine natures beautiful colours in your home, at Meridian Paints we can match any colour you can think of. Bring in your colour swatch and we'll match and tint it while you wait.       Please Note: Colours on digital screens may vary from the actual colour. In...

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5 Things You Should Do To Prep For A Paint Job

After weeks of uncertainty, you have finally decided to give one or more of the rooms in your home a total makeover. Be it because you are tired of the same old colours, or you’ve had a burst of inspiration from that last article you browsed through. Here are a few...

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Colours by Nature Issue 1

Capture the earths beautiful colours and bring it into your home. The inspiration of nature to transform us, infusing all of our senses, becomes evident through these vivid hues. Please Note: Colours on digital screens may vary from the actual colour. In some cases,...

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Choosing a Colour Scheme

With so many possible colours, choosing a colour scheme can be a little overwhelming so here are some tips to help you choose the perfect colour for your home. First consider what you'll be using your space for and the mood you're trying to create. Warmer colours are...

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