Metal Etch Primer

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Single pack metal primers formulated with a combination of resins to maximise adhesion to the various metal surfaces on which they may be used. A low level of phosphoric acid is present in these primers to etch the metal surface and improve adhesion.


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Etchprimers are economical single pack phenolic, vinyl butyral based product containing anti-corrosive pigments. They dry to a semi matt finish and are used as fast drying pre-treatment primers to applying the full paint system. They are particularly suitable as afterblast primers. Thin films are weldable and suitable for flame cutting.
They also exhibit good adhesion and flexibility. These products can be overcoated by a variety of systems. They are also suitable for aluminium and suitably prepared zinc.

Colour: black, red & white
Finish: semi-matt
Vehicle type: phenolic modified polyvinyl butyral
Pigment type: synthetic iron oxides, anti-corrosive pigments
Solvent type: aromatic hydrocarbons/ alcohols & keytones
Flash point min: 5˚c (typical)
Specific gravity: 0,9 (typical)
Solids content – mass: 20% mass volume: 12,6
Min: 10um / max: 15um
Coverage (theoretical): at 25um d.f.t. 10m² / l
Viscosity at 25 ˚c: 40-45 “fc 4
Average touch dry: 10 minutes
Drying overcoatable: 1 hour
Overcoat times @: 10˚c – 4hrs @ 15˚c – 2hrs @ 25˚c – 1hr @ 30˚c – 30mins
Time handable: 30 minutes
Recommended thinner: etch thinner
Shelf life at 25 ˚c: 12 months miminum
Packaging: 5l, 20l & 200l
Chemical resistance: dependant on top coat
Tempreature resistance: continuous – 200˚c / non-continuous 250˚c
Recommended primer: n/a


For dipping: thin up to 10 or 20% with reducer
For brush & roller: thin up to 10 or 20% with reducer
For spray: thin up to 80% with etch thinners

Other application equipment: brush, roller or dip application
Mixing: stir with a flat paddle until homogeneous. Add the
Required amount of reducer and stir occasionally during use.

This product can be successfully coated by a number of products; including alkyds, epoxies, vinyls etc. If in doubt consult the technical service department.
Caution: contains flammable solvents.

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